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We are a long time racing family that knows motocross racing inside and out.
Being we travel to races and stock our motor home and bike trailers with our bikes, our gear, our tools, gass etc etc etc we found at the end of the day or the end of the trip most everything was here, there and everywhere…. we spent more time organizing, cleaning up, looking for things, so our dad, Nick, who is a airplane builder, made something to safely store our gas cans, and then something else to hold our boots upside down and in place so they stayed dried and clean and ready for the next race, then he designed and made another trailer modificationg peice, then another, and other racers began checking out what our dad had built and before we knew it, he was designing and making trailer pieces and additions for the other racers, and that is how Smith Brothers Racing Products began! 

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Over 20yrs in the industry

Smith Brothers Racing Products, we make your racing life a little less hectic…..